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Elizabeth of York // Henry Tudor »  Historical Head Canon

When PrincessElizabeth was young her mother’s Lady-In-Waiting Margaret Beaufort began telling her stories about the poor, handsome Henry who was exiled across the sea. Just like the chivalrous stories that were wide spread of princess and knights/princes. When Elizabeth was a young teen, Margaret began secretly passing messages between her exiled son and the young princess. In 1483, Elizabeth’s father the King dies, her uncle takes the throne leading to her older brother and uncle’s death, the disappearance of her two younger brothers and her being labeled a bastard… but also a betrothal to her Henry. Once the betrothal is official Henry begins his advance towards invasion and taking the throne for him and Elizabeth. Once out of sanctuary Elizabeth learns she is not to be betrothed to her Henry, instead her uncle is trying to find her a match far away from her home and family. Henry hearing news himself begins to escalate his invasion of England and to claim his bride away from the King. Despite a genuine warmth she feels towards her aunt the Queen, Elizabeth decides to become a spy for her Woodville family, Mother, Margaret and Henry and attack her uncle the King where he cares the most; his family and his honor. So Elizabeth takes a page from her favorite story Tristan and Iseult[x] and spreads a rumor. That the reason Elizabeth can’t wed her Henry is because the King wants her for himself, knowing this would hurt him dearly since his own love was dying. The Queen dies, the King loses some of his normal control because of her death and the rumors and decides to send Elizabeth to a trusted adviser, Thomas Stanley and back into the hands of Margaret Beaufort… setting up the circumstances that would end The War of the Roses.

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